Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trinidad, a photosynthesis, PT. 1

This summer I had the immense pleasure of spending a week in my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago with my friend and fellow poet Queen Godis. Follow the link below to get a peek into our day in Laventille hills, through poetry, photography and digital media!


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Anonymous said...

it was you
you and Alice Walker
and me, at twenty-one
turning around in my palms the notion
that I was not quite nothing
a one day something
but formless, still
hope is a composite splint
a male friend took me
to see you perform
I remember there being more confidence in your bosom
than in my whole life story
it was your chapbook
"with tangerines that I open like gifts"
it was that line alone
that transformed composite to steel
albeit temporarily
trappings came to call; wretched years
I am thirty-five now
and residue, too humble to be regret
that insists on waking each day
your book burned in a house fire a year ago
but it is just as well
I want no more reminders
of when I was
coil haired
and fire headed
time is a body of thick water
that has washed many sharp edges clean.